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Terms and Conditions

To protect the rights of the members and frequent flyers program of Eastern Miles, China Eastern Airlines Ltd. constitutes these terms and conditions. The terms and conditions should be read carefully particularly as they include limitations and exclusions on the liability of Eastern Miles and ‘partners’.

1. Definition and Explanation
With the rules and the terms, unless otherwise specified, there will be:

  • Eastern Miles refers to Frequent Flyer Program run and managed by China Eastern Airlines Ltd.

  • The points of Eastern Miles include Elite Points, Redeemable Points and Special Points.

  • Elite Points refer to the accumulated points when you take eligible flights operated by China Eastern Airlines after becoming a member of Eastern Miles, not including the points earned from all sorts of promotion activities of Eastern Miles. Elite Points are accumulatively calculated in successive 24 calendar months and determine as qualification of Eastern Miles VIP membership.

  • Redeemable Points refer to the points accumulated from taking eligible flights of China Eastern Airlines or air partners of Eastern Miles or consuming at non-air partners of Eastern Miles after becoming a member of Eastern Miles, which include the points earned from all sorts of promotion activities of Eastern Miles. Under the conditions specified by Eastern Miles, members can redeem various types of awards with Redeemable Points.

  • Special Points are those customized by Eastern Miles. After becoming a member of Eastern Miles, you can apply to participate a theme activity of Eastern Miles and earn the points specially set in this activity. Details of Special Points are determined by rules of each activity.

  • VIP membership refers to those who hold Eastern Miles Golden Card or Silver Card of Eastern Miles.

  • Air partners refer to airline companies that have established cooperative partner relationship with Eastern Miles and can offer members both the accumulation of the points and redemption of awards.

  • Non-air partners refer to providers that have established cooperative partner relationship with Eastern Miles and can provide members with service or products of accumulating points.

  • The redemption nominee refers to the person who enjoys the various awards of Eastern Miles, including but not just limited to the member himself or herself.

  • TPM refers to the distance between departure and destination-Ticketed Point Mileage published by IATA and it will be converted into the unit of kilometer according to the formula of 1mile=1.609 km. When the distance between cities is less than 300 km, Eastern Miles will set TPM as 300 km.

  • The unit of points of Eastern Miles is point.

    2. Enrolment
    2.1. Any individuals who are above 12-year-old can make an enrollment to Frequent Flyer Program of Eastern Miles.All those who are between 2 and 11 can register as Flying Explorer via website of Eastern Miles. Corporate or non-corporate groups are not allowed to join in this program. After the approval of the application for membership, each member will own and can only own one account. Members can just accumulate points and redeem awards in their only designated account. Eastern Miles program does not accept any repeated application and reserve the right to delete and clear up the repeated accounts.

    2.2. Applicants must fill in and sign the agreement either in Chinese or English. The point accumulation cannot start until the application is finally accepted by Eastern Miles. If the point accumulation program is not accepted finally or the applicants’ application for membership is not handled eventually, the membership of this application will be taken as unidentified membership and the accumulated points will not be admitted.

    2.3. Each member account of Eastern Miles can only be registered in the name of one person. The member information will be registered in with full name of applicant and the name for application shall coincide with the name on the account.

    2.4. An initial password is set for each member of Eastern Miles. When members use points for redemption, he or she must provide the password. For members who enroll online, the password is a number set by themselves. If the enrollment is made by other ways, the initial password of the account is set as the last six digits of the number of document used for enrollment (not including letters and signs). If the number of document is less than six digits, “0” should be added in front. After receiving the card from Eastern Miles, members should change the password on the website of Eastern Miles to ensure safety of account.

    2.5. Membership in Eastern Miles and membership cards are not transferable.

    3. Membership Termination
    3.1. Membership in Eastern Miles is permanent.

    3.2. Members can terminate their membership by giving written notice at any time. Once the memberships are terminated, all the points in their member account will be cancelled instantly.

    3.3. Any misconduct, fraud, misuse of program benefits or failure to follow the relevant terms and conditions may result in immediate termination of an individual membership and cancellation of all points in account by Eastern Miles. In addition, Eastern Miles reserves the right with or without notice to terminate an individual’s membership at which time all program points will be cancelled.

    3.4. Upon the death of a member the membership account will be closed and all outstanding points will be cancelled.

    4. Point Accumulation
    4.1. General Conditions
    4.1.1. Eastern Miles will take point as the unit for awards.

    4.1.2. To ensure a successful point accumulation, members must show their Eastern Miles membership card or provide their correct membership number when they are purchasing air products or enjoying other service.

    4.1.3. The amount of points members have accumulated is associated to the products purchased by members and the class of service they’ve enjoyed. Unless otherwise specified in the term, the points that members earn when consuming are only credited in their own accounts.

    4.1.4. Points are not transferable. Once points are credited in the account, members can not make a request for canceling the operation or converting them to other accounts.

    4.1.5. Members who hold the memberships of both Eastern Miles and other reward program, can only choose one kind of identification to accumulate the points when they take flights, stay in hotel and dine, unless otherwise specified in the term.

    4.1.6. Eastern Miles has the right to cancel the accumulating points or turn them back in members’ account.

    4.2. Accumulation Points via Flight
    4.2.1. Members can have the mileage points accumulated by taking eligible flights of China Eastern Airlines and its air partners. Please refer to the chart of airline companies which are available for accumulating points and their routes for eligible flights.

    4.2.2. The following flights or classes are unavailable for point accumulation:
    Free tickets from China Eastern Airlines and its air partners;
    Tickets of special flights, charter flights and freight flights from China Eastern Airlines and its air partners;
    Some code share flights;
    Tickets for babies;
    The ticket whose accumulation ratio for class is indicated as zero in the class point table of China Eastern Airlines and its air airlines.
    Eastern Miles and China Eastern Airlines air partners reserve the right to modify the extension of the ineligible flights at any time.

    4.2.3. The points accumulated when members take China Eastern Airlines flights are calculated by the distance between cities issued by IATA, namely the direct or the shortest distance between two cities.

    4.2.4. The points accumulated upgrade when members take China Eastern Airlines flights are subject to the formula of distance between cities times the accumulation ratio of class grade.

    4.2.5. Eastern Miles sets 300 km as minimum TPM. When the distance between cities is less than 300 km, the accumulated points are 300 times corresponding accumulation ratio of each class.

    4.2.6. Only after finishing the actual flight in accordance with the requirement can members earn point of Eastern Miles. Any member, who holds an unused, invalid, fake and refunded ticket or repeatedly buys a ticket of the same flight with the same name for any kind of reason, can not get the points accumulated. Only the members with accounts of Eastern Miles who are actual flyers can have their points of Eastern Miles accumulated. However if they buy tickets for others, the points will not be accumulated.

    4.2.7. If a member’s air travel is disrupted due to reasons beyond the control of China Eastern Airlines and its air partner airlines (for example, extreme weather conditions) and the member is forced to change carrier, mileage points on the disrupted segments of the purchased ticket will only be credited only for the original itinerary.

    4.2.8. If a member’s air travel is disrupted due to reasons beyond the control of China Eastern Airlines and its air partner airlines and the flight is cancelled (such as but not limited to extreme weather conditions), member can not request for mileage crediting.

    4.2.9. The points accumulated from taking China Eastern Airlines flights will be credited in the member’s accounts within 5 working days after the flight. While the points accumulated from taking the flight of air partners of China Eastern Airlines will be credited in the member’s accounts within 4-6 weeks after the flight.

    4.2.10. When members use their points to redeem Class Upgrade Award or upgrade to Business Class or First Class involuntary, the points he earns from Eastern Miles are calculated according to class of service on the ticket they buy rather than in accordance with actual class.

    4.3. Accumulation Points via Non-air Partners
    4.3.1. Members can accumulate the points of Eastern Miles by consuming at Eastern Miles non-air partners, as is illustrated in the cooperative partners lists of Frequent Flyer Program.

    4.3.2. The points accumulated from consuming at Eastern Miles non-air partners will be crdited in the member’s accounts within the 4-8 weeks after consumption.

    4.3.3. Eastern Miles takes no responsibility for any activities such as service or price and quality of commodities and propaganda as well as notice, etc. provided by its non-air partners.

    4.3.4. Eastern Miles and its non-air partners reserve the right to modify their service on products and the standard on point accumulation of Eastern Miles. Please visit the website of the Eastern Miles to know about recent information on partners before making consumption.

    4.4. Retro Claim for Points
    4.4.1. Members can make an application for retro claim missing mileage points on the flights of China Eastern Airlines and its cooperative airline companies within 6 months. The associated points will be credited in their accounts within 2 weeks after the application for retro claim is received.

    4.4.2. Members can also apply for retro claim of missing mileage points of previous one month before becoming Eastern Miles member, but the airline company is only limited to China Eastern Airlines.

    4.4.3. When applying for retro claim, members need to provide membership card numbers and photocopies of their tickets as well as the originals of boarding passes. Those who take the flight by e-tickets need to provide their documents of e-tickets.

    4.4.4. Except for special provisions, Eastern Miles cannot accept any non-air retro claim from members. Please contact non-air partners for details about retro claim.

    5. Redeeming Awards
    5.1. General Conditions
    5.1.1. China Eastern Airlines or its cooperative partners can change and terminate the partners of Eastern Miles and their service places without any further notice. Members should visit the website of Eastern Miles to find a proper cooperative partner and associated preference by themselves before redeeming the reward products or services.

    5.1.2. Some cooperative partners of Eastern Miles permit members to transfer the reward points obtained from them into the points of Eastern Miles which, however, cannot be transferred into the points of partners again at any time and for any reasons.

    5.1.3. All the points used for redeeming awards must be accumulated in the same account and cannot be counted in combination with other accounts.

    5.1.4. Unless otherwise specified, reward redemption can be performed by members themselves or the redemption nominee designated by them.

    5.2. Flight Awards-Free Tickets
    5.2.1. All the award tickets are applicable to the routes of China Eastern Airlines and its air partners, not including special flights, charter flights and code share flights operated by other airline companies. And free tickets are possibly limited to designated routes.

    5.2.2. Award tickets have no value of cash and cannot be refunded.

    5.2.3. The points required for redeeming free tickets can be varied at any time. China Eastern Airlines will announce any limit on specific destinations at any time or add blackout dates without any further notice.

    5.2.4. China Eastern Airlines strictly prohibits selling, purchasing, being the medium for, transferring the sales on and exchanging award ticket to get payment. Any action violating this provision will cause the members of Eastern Miles or the passengers using the tickets to be suffered as the ticket are confiscated at any time (including during the trip). Moreover, they must pay in full price for the abused tickets with the classes involved in the sector and pay for the compensation for loss, retaining fee and legal fare. Meanwhile as a result the accumulated points in the accounts of Eastern Miles and award tickets which have been obtained will be cancelled.

    5.2.5. The number of seats of flight reward depends on the specific situation on the seat supply. In addition, China Eastern Airlines and its some airline company partners may have blackout dates. During this period, accepting reward redemption will be stopped.

    5.2.6. The reward redemption is subject to members being responsible for all applicable tax, service charge and additional charge (including tariff, examination charge, tax for leaving the boundary and any executive charge) and holding necessary travel certifications.

    5.2.7. The points required for redeeming award tickets for children and babies are the same as those for adult. The free tickets are inapplicable to the children who are not accompanied by adults,The free tickets are inapplicable to Unaccompanied Minors.

    5.2.8. Ticketing must be completed three days before the date of travel.

    5.2.9. Award tickets must be confirmed. Waitlisted award tickets are not permitted.

    5.2.10. Award tickets must be used in accordance with the sequence of sector.

    5.2.11. Unless otherwise specified, all the award tickets are valid for 12 months from the date of travel.

    5.2.12. Changes to flight number and date are permitted if the reservation for new flight is confirmed before boarding and unless the flight sectors are not changed. If the redemption nominee misses the flight, this ticket becomes invalid.

    5.2.13. Once the award ticket is issued, the traveler’s names, class of service and flight operator cannot be changed.

    5.2.14. Members with award tickets are not allowed to upgrade their classes by paying the cash difference or using their points.

    5.2.15. Members can apply for and collect the reward at the designated service network of Eastern Miles. Members need to provide their own membership card numbers, passwords and the valid ID documents if they collect the reward for themselves or redemption nominee. If the redemption nominee collects the reward, the valid ID documents of redemption nominee need to be provided. For the application which does not meet the redemption requirements above, China Eastern Airlines has the right to refuse it.

    5.2.16. When redeeming round trip award tickets of China Eastern Airlines, if the classes for round trip are different, the points required are the addition of a half for the points needed for each corresponding class of round trip.

    5.2.17. Award tickets and the whole journey of airline partners is subject to airline partners’terms and conditions.

    5.2.18.China Eastern Airlines reserves the right to modify the limit on the use of award tickets without notifying members in advance. Please confirm the limit on reward use by yourselves before applying for flight awards.

    5.3. Flight Awards-Class Upgrades
    5.3.1. Members can use the accumulated points for an upgrade to the next higher class of travel from the original class of ticket purchased in eligible subclasses. Upgrade awards are subject to availability at the time of upgrade award reservation.

    5.3.2. The flights available for redeeming upgrade awards do not include special flights, charter flights and code share flights operated by other airline companies. Upgrade awards on flights operated by cooperative air partners of Eastern Miles are not permitted.

    5.3.3. When redeeming upgrade awards, members must confirm journey, flight, date and class. Before traveling, members must confirm seats. Members’ application on upgrade award in the airport is subject to availability of actual situation.

    5.3.4. Mileage points for upgraded travel will be credited based on the original class of service purchased and in accordance with Eastern Miles terms and conditions.

    5.3.5. The rules governing purchased tickets also apply.

    5.4. Flight Awards- Excess Luggage Allowance
    5.4.1. Members of Eastern Miles can redeem excess luggage allowance awards at the designated departure counter in the airport.

    6. Others
    6.1. China Eastern Airlines Ltd. reserves the right to terminate Frequent Flyer Program of Eastern Miles. However, China Eastern Airlines Ltd. must notify its members at least 6 months in advance to minimize their losses due to the invalidation of point accumulation. China Eastern Airlines Ltd. is entitled to fully or partly changing the rules, conditions, members’ rights and interests, the conditions for participation, the standard for ticket redemption and applicable coverage for cities of Eastern Miles Frequent Flyer Program without any prior notice even if the changes may affect the value of the accumulated points. China Eastern Airlines Ltd. can withdraw, limit, change or cancel any travel reward and regulations on increasing number of points and preference required for redeeming any reward, add blackout dates without numeric limitation or limit the number of free seats availability of any or all flights. Whether the flight route accords with the requirements on redeeming travel reward is at the sole discretion of China Eastern Airlines Ltd.

    6.2. China Eastern Airlines Ltd. has the right to provide a variety of reward points and promotion activities of Eastern Miles in accordance with members’ flight records, destinations, participation situation and the information they offer.

    6.3. Any accumulation of reward points and the associated reward must be handled according to the regulations and terms stated in the members’ handbook. Whether the flight route accords with the requirements for redeeming free reward is at the sole discretion of China Eastern Airlines Ltd.

    6.4. As for those members who haven’t any accumulated points for a period of 90 days, China Eastern Airlines Ltd. reserves the right to terminate the delivery of up-to-date information and other associated materials about Eastern Miles.

    6.5. Any misuse of Frequent Flyer Program of Eastern Miles, including the violation of this terms and terms, selling or exchanging reward or tickets, submitting any error information or conducting other behaviors deemed inappropriate by China Eastern Airlines Ltd. such as the violation of the regulations made by China Eastern Airlines or other cooperative partners of this program, improper or harassing behaviors against China Eastern Airlines Ltd. staff, or rejection of the staff’s advice, will result in termination of Eastern Miles membership and participation qualification, and cancellation of all accumulated points and unused award tickets previously issued. Any violation conducts of this terms and conditions of Eastern Miles will result in confiscation of the tickets (including during the travel) and payment for the misused Y、C、F class tickets in respect to the concerned travel sector. As for the implementation of terms and conditions of Eastern Miles, China Eastern Airlines Ltd. reserves the right to take proper and legal measures when necessary in order to seek compensation, retaining fee and legal fare.

    6.6. The addresses of Eastern Miles members are those registered when they participated the program. The members are required to notify Eastern Miles of any possible changes. Otherwise, the initial addresses should prevail.

    6.7. Unless otherwise specified, Eastern Miles points can not be transferred or combined among different members; nor can they be granted to others or passed down to heirs or designated persons.

    6.8. Any use of Eastern Miles membership card or preference by a member will be deemed as acceptance of this terms and conditions constituted by Eastern Miles and its partners.

    These terms and conditions and the relationship between China Eastern Airlines Ltd. and partners and each member are governed by law of People's Republic of China.

    If this Chinese version of the terms and conditions does not conform to other language versions, the Chinese version shall prevail. In case of dispute, China Eastern Airlines Ltd. reserves the right to make final explanation.




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